Concession area

More than 400 kilometers of pipelines and almost 6,800 registered connections are linked to TANQIA's system

The concession area comprises the City of Fujairah, the towns of Qidfaa and Mirbah, and the communities and industrial estates between them: an area of approximately 88 square kilometers. The wastewater collection networks in the City of Fujairah and Qidfaa consist of about 300 kilometers of main and lateral pipelines and 30 pumping stations. In total, almost 6,000 registered connections are linked to the system.

Reflecting the success of the Fujairah wastewater treatment system, the Government of Fujairah has asked TANQIA to undertake the design, construction, ownership, operation, maintenance and expansion of a wastewater treatment system for the City of Fujairah and its surrounding area. The new concession area includes the towns of Dibba, Aqqa and Bidia in the Emirate’s North.

Historically, the population has increased over the 20-year period from 1995 to 2005 at an annual average rate of about 5.2%. The average annual rate of population growth since 2005 has been 9%, reflecting the increased economic activity over the same period. In 2007, the population in the concession area stood at about 76,000 inhabitants.