About us

Setting the Standard

Pioneering wastewater treatment in the region

TANQIA is the first and only privately held wastewater collection and treatment system in the United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle East. The wastewater treatment system has been designed to maximize efficiency and to minimize its environmental footprint. With cutting-edge technology, TANQIA will make a significant environmental contribution, generating high-quality effluent to replace valuable groundwater in irrigation and industrial activities.

TANQIA is helping to create groundbreaking, superior waste management solutions for the City of Fujairah, with ambitious plans to extend this innovative model throughout the Emirate, the UAE, and overseas.

Creation of the Company

TANQIA was established in 2003 as a privately owned limited liability company, under the Fujairah Free Zone Law No. 6 of 1987, to design, finance, construct, own, operate, maintain, and expand the Wastewater Treatment System for the City of Fujairah and its environs.