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The plant covers approximately 160,000 square metres and has an initial wastewater treatment capacity of 16,000 cubic metres per day

The plant is located about 11 kilometres North of the City of Fujairah and about 4 kilometres South of Qidfaa. The plant site was chosen for its proximity to the solid waste composting factory, which allows all waste management for the concession area to be carried out in the one location. The site is accessible via the Fujairah-Khor Fakkan Highway so that goods and materials can be easily transported.

The plant site covers an area of approximately 160,000 square metres. The plant has a flexible, modular design that allows for increased wastewater treatment capacity by simply adding more modules as needed. The plant’s initial wastewater treatment capacity is 16,000 cubic metres per day, with two modules of 8,000 cubic metres per day. Due to recent population growth, Tanqia is in the process of increasing the plant’s wastewater treatment capacity by another 16,000 cubic metres per day, thereby doubling the overall treatment capacity of the plant to 32,000 cubic metres per day. The plant and pumping stations have emergency power generators in the event of a blackout or power supply interruption.

Tanqia’s head office, including the management and operations teams, are located at the site. A housing community will accommodate approximately 60 workers on-site.


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