TANQIA helps preserve the region's natural water and energy resources

For the environment

TANQIA’s technology and processes bestow a number of important benefits to its surrounding environment and the larger Fujairah region. These include the following:

  • Generating high-quality treated effluent to replace water from more valuable sources, the wastewater treatment system helps to better manage and preserve the region’s natural water resources
  • Part of the gas produced in the treatment of sludge is used to supply the plant with its own partial energy source for electricity and cooling, helping to preserve the region’s natural energy resources; further, this process does not release harmful emissions into the atmosphere

For residents

Previously, untreated wastewater was collected from septic tanks and disposed of in the desert or marshlands, causing significant environmental damage and posing serious public health risks. The TANQIA wastewater treatment system is a modern, more efficient means of treating effluent, yielding valuable recycled water for reuse. Further, the development of this system significantly enhances the infrastructure of Fujairah, an indication of progress and growth in the stability of the Emirate.

For industry

Industries that require large quantities of water for cooling and processing purposes typically reuse only a small proportion of the wastewater in their manufacturing processes, which poses hazards to both environment and public health. The TANQIA wastewater system provides a critical solution to this limitation, converting significant amounts of water to reusable effluent, supporting the manufacturing process without environmental concerns.