Uses & applications


The plant generates non-potable water of the highest standard by using cutting-edge environmental technology. The effluent produced has a variety of applications in the irrigation of golf courses and parks and in industries such as construction, quarrying, district cooling and road and ship maintenance.

Some of the effluent generated by the plant is used in the operation and maintenance of the plant. The irrigation system at the plant, for instance, utilizes the effluent generated by the facility. The remaining effluent is delivered to the Municipality of Fujairah’s main demand centers for use in a number of areas, including irrigation, cooling and construction.


The biogas produced in the treatment of sludge can be used as an energy source.

The methane generated at the plant through anaerobic digestion is used for power generation at the site.


The treated sludge can be used safely as a soil enhancer/high-grade fertiliser for use in aboveground agriculture and forestry.