Regulatory Framework

TANQIA is well positioned to meet the forecast demand for wastewater collection and treatment

A regulatory framework handed down by the Ruler of Fujairah, His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohamed Al Sharqi, stipulates the rights granted to TANQIA and its obligations.

It also establishes the standards for the effluent and sludge generated by TANQIA and the environmental standards for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and expansion of the wastewater treatment system. TANQIA is expected to meet the forecasted demand for wastewater collection and the wastewater treatment system in the concession area.

The Government established and staffed the Wastewater Section at the Fujairah Municipality to regulate the sector and monitor the performance of TANQIA in terms of complying with the provisions of the Wastewater Law and billing customers for connection charges and service charges.