Capacity for the future

TANQIA is scaling its operations to accommodate Fujariah's growing population

TANQIA is proud to be working for the residents of Fujairah for the long term, and is scaling its operations to meet the needs of the area’s growing population.

In 2007, the population in the concession area stood at about 76,000. This population is expected to grow to 135,000 by 2020 and 170,000 by 2025.

The plant’s initial wastewater treatment capacity will be 16,000 cubic meters a day, with two modules of 8,000 cubic meters per day. Due to recent population growth, TANQIA is in the process of increasing the plant’s wastewater treatment capacity by an additional 32,000 cubic meters per day, thereby the overall treatment capacity of the plant to 48,000 cubic meters per day. The plant has a flexible, modular design that allows for increased wastewater treatment capacity by simply adding modules as needed.